DIY Dinosaur Bank

A shadow box bank with a dinosaur image and the words dino fund on it.

Make this adorable dinosaur bank to gift to your child and have them save up for a new dinosaur toy!

Of course it doesn’t have to be a dinosaur toy, it could be a dinosaur adventure. Or your child can be saving up for something else they’ve really been wanting.

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How to Make a Dinosaur Bank

This diy dinosaur bank can be made pretty quickly. It took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, not including putting together the dinosaur PNG. Fortunately I’ve already done that step for you, and you can find the dinosaur PNG file in our digital library that is available to our newsletter subscribers. Here’s everything that you will need to make this dinosaur piggy bank.

Dinosaur Bank Materials List

Of course you don’t have to use pebbled faux leather paper. You can use any dinosaur themed paper you like. I picked up the pebbled paper that I used from Michael’s. I know they still have it available in other colors, but I think this green color has been discontinued. Hopefully, I’m wrong though, because I love it! It’s also great for cutting out mermaid tails. (My kids love dinosaurs – I like mermaids.) Anyway, if you can’t find the pebbled paper, I’ve listed Cricut faux leather paper in the materials list, which is a fantastic substitute.

DIY Dinosaur Bank Instructions

I picked up my shadow box from Dollar Tree, but I don’t see them listed on the Dollar Tree website. I’m not sure if these are seasonal, or it’s just that are only available in Dollar Tree stores. They are located in the picture frame section. Michael’s, Joann’s, and Walmart all have similar shadow boxes, but here’s a link to one from Amazon too.

Take the back of the shadow box bank off and set it aside. Use a flat metal edge (like the Cricut scratula) to gently scratch off the message on the glass of the bank. Once all of the paint is scraped off, use glass cleaner to remove any leftover residue. Make sure you cut your pebbled faux leather paper to the right size and glue it to the inside of the back of the box.

Cut out your dinosaur PNG using a cutting machine. I don’t own a silhouette, so I’m not exactly sure how to upload a file into their software. For Cricut however, download the png, upload it to Cricut Design Space, select image type as simple, and then save it as a cut image.

After the dinosaur png is cut out, weed the design. Then use transfer tape to add the vinyl dinosaur cutout to the glass of the bank.

Put the back back on, and your dinosaur bank is ready!

Isn’t it cute? I love a quick and easy Dollar Tree craft!

A shadow box bank with a black dinosaur image and the words dino fund on it

Today’s Fun Dinosaur Fact to share with Your Child

The spinosaurus may be the largest carnivore dinosaur ever! It’s even bigger than a t-rex. But we can’t say that spinosaurus is the largest carnivore dinosaur for sure since new discoveries are always being made. Maybe your little paleontologist will find something bigger someday.

Back to the Dinosaur Bank…

My little boy loves his new dinosaur bank. He was pretty excited to help me vacuum our sofa in hopes of finding extra change to put inside.

A child's hand adding coins to a dino fund shadow box bank with dinosaur toys and greenery

If you can’t find a shadow box bank, you can still use this dinosaur png on a mason jar with a slit lid as a piggy bank. You can sign up for our newsletter right below. Not only will you be able to grab this dinosaur png, you’ll be able to grab the resources for all of the projects shared on 65 Million Years.

Hopefully you can get your kid to do more chores so they can fill up their dinosaur piggy bank faster! Just another one of the many reasons why you should encourage you child’s love of dinosaurs.

That’s it for this dinosaur bank tutorial. Our dinosaur fund is going to the trip we’re planning to the La Brea tar pits this summer. Is your little one going to save up for a new dinosaur toy, or maybe a dinosaur adventure? Leave a comment below. Until next time!

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