Dinosaur Sensory Bottles

These dinosaur sensory bottles are a great way for your child to relax and unwind. Because let’s face it – sometimes kids can get upset, cranky or frustrated and they just don’t know what to do with themselves.

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I love sensory bottles. They are great for when your kids need some quiet time but still want something to do. If your child is anything like mine, then they will be interested in these since there are dinosaurs involved.

Dinosaur Sensory Bottles Supplies

Although I’ve listed Amazon links so you can easily order any of these supplies, I found our items locally. I picked up the bottle at Michael’s. Just like the one listed above, I really like that this bottle is plastic. I see that a lot of diy sensory bottles on Pinterest are made from empty glass VOSS bottles. My little boy is extremely clumsy, so I definitely would prefer to use plastic over glass. I also picked up the sand from Dollar Tree. And those cute little dinosaurs are from Chuck E. Cheese.

On a total tangent – Dylan is a ridiculously lucky four year old when it comes to Chuck E. Cheese games. He wins jackpots all the time. And he can even get toys out of those grabber games all by himself. This past trip he got two toys on his first two times playing! Anyway, he earned a bunch of tickets and of course, he spent them all on dinosaur toys.

Dinosaur Sensory Bottles Instructions

Start by adding a small amount of sand to the bottle. I tried doing this without a funnel and it was a bit of a mess. So if you have one, I highly recommend that you use one. If you don’t have a funnel handy, you can always make one from rolling up a piece of paper into a cone to stick into the top of your bottle.

black sand being poured into a sensory bottle using a funnel.

Then start adding the miniature dinosaur toys to the sensory bottle.

Then just keep adding sand and dinosaurs in layers until your bottle is full. Make sure you don’t fill the sand all the way to the top though. You want to leave room in the bottle so that the sand and dinosaurs can move around to be visible.

Finish off the sensory bottles by adding some super glue around the rim of the bottle and then tightly screwing on the lid. This way, you don’t have to worry about sand getting all over your house in case your child tries to unscrew the lid.

a woman's hand with a dinosaur manicure, screwing on the lid of some dinosaur sensory bottles with

These dinosaur sensory bottles are also on our YouTube channel! Check out the video.

Today’s Fun Dinosaur Fact to Share With Your Child

Since we’re using miniature dinosaurs, I though your child might like to know that one of the smallest dinosaurs on record is the microraptor. You can learn about microraptor in the awesome BBC production Planet Dinosaur. My kids LOVE this series, although I will say it can be a little intense for younger viewers.

Back to the Dinosaur Sensory Bottles

Pay attention to which dinosaurs you are adding so that you can ask your kid to find each one as an activity. Inside our dinosaur sensory bottle is a triceratops, a t-rex, a pachycephalosaurus (pak-ee-SEF-uh-lo-SAWR-us), a dimetrodon (dye-MEE-troe-don) and a plesiosaur (PLEE-see-oh-SORE-us.) By the way, a plesiosaur is actually not a dinosaur. It is a prehistoric marine reptile. Just thought you might want to know – my little guy is always correcting me on what is and what isn’t an actual dinosaur LOL.

Do you ever find yourself unable to turn your brain off? Even when I try meditating, I find my mind wandering to everything I still have to get done. So having something simple to concentrate on for a minute or two, like finding a triceratops that’s trapped in sand, can be really relaxing. Hopefully your child isn’t super stressed out, but everyone can use a brain break sometimes. And these sensory bottles are way better than mindlessly staring at a screen.

Another screen free activity your kids will certainly enjoy is making and playing with salt dough dinosaur bones!

a salt dough t-rex skull in a box of sand for a fun dino dig!

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I hope your kids love these dinosaur sensory bottles. Let me know how yours turn out in the comments below.

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