Welcome to 65 Million Years! If you have a child who is loves dinosaurs, you are in the right place. I’m Jordan, a mom to 3 little boys ages 8, 4, and just born. Although my oldest boy went through a dinosaur phase, my middle child is a little boy who loves, no who is obsessed with dinosaurs. I’m actually pretty into dinosaurs myself, and even briefly considered becoming a paleontologist. But my interest has never come close to that of my middle child. He has what would be considered an intense interest in dinosaurs.

Our house is full of dinosaur toys, costumes, books, puzzles, and decor. There is at least one dinosaur program on our television every single day. My little guy loves talking about dinosaurs and pretending that he is a dinosaur.

Dinosaurs have become a part of our daily lives and I love it. If something relates to dinosaurs, then my little boy is interested. That means that I can get him to him to behave at the grocery store by talking about our favorite dinosaur facts. He’ll eat his dinner if I fix anything dinosaur shaped (hello dinosaur chicken nuggets) or tell him to be a spinosaurus to eat his fish. He’s learning how to read because he is sounding out dinosaur names.

My hope is that 65 Million Years will be a resource to you so that you can engage with your dinosaur loving child and help enrich their lives in the process.